Agarbatti Dhoop Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks, which are known as ‘Agarbatti’ and ‘Dhoop’, are an indivisible part of any ceremony or ritual in India; be it a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, or a Jain ritual. The Agarbatti or Dhoops are made of dried up aromatic plants mixed with some essential oils. Usually, people prefer to buy these incense sticks from local shops. However, if you are looking for some authentic stuff at economical prices, then Vedic Vaani is the only agarbatti and dhoops online shop. Here on Vedic Vaani, the most convenient online Agarbatti shop, you will get a large variety of fragrances made from purest material.

Perfumed Incense

If you are looking to buy scented garden Incense Sticks online from India at wholesale prices, then Vedic Vaani is the best and the most convenient place. There are many perfumed incense sticks manufacturers in India; however, Vedic Vaani offers these incense sticks at a very affordable price range. Besides this, being an online store, you can buy these incense sticks from the comfort of your home. Vedic Vaani swears by the quality of the material it provides online. Hence, you can be sure about the quality of the perfumed incense sticks offered here. 

Masala Incense

Natural Masala Incense sticks from our manufacturing facility in India. Incense sticks are an indivisible part of any ritual in India. Be it a Puja, or a Yagna or daily worship of your deity; incense sticks are a must. There are many Masala Incense sticks manufacturers in India. However, if you are looking for an authentic incense stick manufacturer then Vedic Vaani is the only place. Here at Vedic Vaani, you can buy masala incense sticks online from India at wholesale prices. That’s why Vedic Vaani is a suitable and convenient place for you. Here, you can get all types of masala incense sticks at very affordable prices. 

Cone/Dhoop Incense Sticks

There are some Puja accessories that are required in all rituals in India such as diyas, agarbatti or incense sticks and Dhoop sticks. Dhoop sticks are the bambooless sticks that are thicker than normal incense sticks. They also have more fragrance than the agarbattis. Hence, burning dhoops during the rituals is favoured more than burning agarbattis.

For fragrance purpose only. Keep out of reach of childrens, pets. And don't use on animals. Never leave burning incense unattended, and make sure all ashes fall in ashtray or burner.


Our Incense sticks are crafted using a blend of the ancient Vedic recipes and modern techniques. We use the finest botanical ingredients- herbs, gums, resins, rare spices, natural powders and blend with premium Natural Products & essential oils. The purity of these natural ingredients ensures a rich captivating aroma when burnt.

We make incense for prayer and meditation times, the beautiful fragrance creates such an ambience that your prayer reaches the divine and is completed. They create the spiritual fragrance of a Temple in your house altar.

Since Vedic times, people in India have used incense at auspicious occasions, religious festivals and social celebrations to please the divine and uplift the senses.They are widely used in Ashrams, Church, Mosques, Temples, Gurudwara, Yoga meditation classes, Spas, etc.

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of incense sticks from India and can ship containers. We have our own manufacturing unit. Please email us for bulk requirements in temples, wholesale/retail shops.