Online Puja Services

Kalash Sthapana 1. We have ready Yagyashalas in temples.
2. We have wonderful team of priests.
3. Our Acharyas have gained knowledge from reputed Gurukuls and universities.
4. Our team of priests are all learned Acharyas, Shastris and Karmkandi priests who are Brahmins and are doing pujas or poojas from last generations. They have successfully done SatChandi, Rudra yagna, Vishnu Maha yagna, Mantra Siddih pujas, Navgraha siddhi japas and several other pujas of all Hindu Gods & Goddesses.
Yagna 5. Testimonials received from clients prove the efficacy of our pujas.
6. We specialise in and conduct only Individual yagnas.
7. All pujas & yagnas are done through proper vedic mantras and rituals.
8. All pujas are scheduled based on right Muhurta (auspicious time) based on your birth details.
9. You can watch your pujas live over the internet with our Live Streaming option.
10. We provide puja photos and you can choose to have a personalised DVD of your puja.
11. You will be provided with the following details on placing a puja order (within 2 days):
     a. Puja schedule with date and timings.
     b. Instructions to follow during the puja. 
     c. Puja mantra audio and mantra text.
     d. Contact no. of the priest, to call and listen to the mantras and sankalpa (wish) of your puja.

12. You, your family and friends can come and attend the puja.
13. On successful completion of the puja, a energised rudraksha, yantra, prasad and photos will be sent through courier.
For Puja enquiries, call: +91-9820697944

Chorus Aarti
          Aarti with musical instruments
Brahmin Bhojan
Brahmin Bhojan (offering food to the Priests)
Puja preparations
Puja Preparations                      

What is Puja ?

Puja is ritualistic worship of the Divine performed to keep us in harmony with cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual upliftment. By doing puja, thoughts and vibrations of spiritual forces are created around us. These spiritual forces work to eliminate the negative influences in our life and help surround us with positive energy which can bring us peace of mind, material prosperity and enable us to more clearly touch the Divine, our true nature.
Pujas are traditionally performed in temples by residing priests trained in the exact science of puja including the precise details of auspicious times to do certain pujas, which mantras to chant, etc. An individual's vedic astrological chart determines which pujas and timings are best for that person, based on their karma from this life and previous lives.
Amma says "Children, whatever you are engaged in, you must always be thinking of God. This is the purpose of rituals. Rituals will foster good habits and they will bring order in life. Every ritual was created as an aid to maintain an unbroken remembrance of God."
We can enhance the benefit of the puja by doing spiritual practices or by taking certain vows. Some of the commonly observed practices include meditation, fasting, silence, prayer, mantra japa or repeating God's name, and charity. These vows can be done for one day, one week or as long as you wish. The result of these actions is to help purify us and to enable us to imbibe more deeply the spiritual energy invoked by the puja.

Do I need to Have My Vedic Astrology Chart Analyzed?
An analysis of the vedic birth chart is  must. A more precise understanding of our specific karma, and the timetable for the unfoldment of our karma, can be determined by a competent astrologer. 
How do I select a Puja? 
Planetary pujas are commonly requested based on an analysis of one's birth chart.

For Puja enquiries, call: +91-9820697944

Science of Homa

Homa is a sacred fire ritual done in the Vedic Hindu tradition. Homa is a technique given by the Rishis and other Enlightened Masters to create a specific desired effect in our lives. The way in which the desired effect is made and the strength of the effect makes Homa a unique component of Vedic tradition.

In a typical Homa, a priest invokes the presence of the Deity in the fire through specialized mantras. Since mantras are revealed by Enlightened sages, all mantras carry immense power within them. Once energized, till the end of the homa, the fire itself becomes a deity. Then the Deity is worshipped and several oblations (ahutis) are offered into the fire to create the desired effect. The smoke that emanates from the fire receptacle – homa kunda – energizes the whole space where the homa is done and creates a positive effect in that place.

Homas create a positive effect not only in the people who are around but also in the people whose names have been chanted in the Sankalpa mantra – the mantra for conscious resolution, irrespective of how far they are.

Another very interesting speciality of the way of worship in the Hindu tradition is – like how money is credited in an account which is far away from the place where the money is deposited, homas and pujas done as per the scriptural injunctions create the desired effect in you irrespective of how far you are from the place where the homa /puja is performed.

The energy built up in the homa fire automatically reaches the participant and fulfils the participant’s true desires leaving a glimpse of Jeevan Mukti in the participant.

For Puja enquiries, call: +91-9820697944


For Puja enquiries, call: +91-9820697944